Tuesday, May 7, 2013

God's moving!

God has been present in my life, for as long as I can remember. I have seen Him heal, empower, and restore in my life in ways that I can't even begin to describe. I have been blessed by seeing His faithfulness in my life; now don't get me wrong I have seen Him move in the lives of others, I have seen His healing hand in others. But never have I ever seen Him ask someone to take step of faith quite as big as this, and then make Himself so abundantly clear in the situation.
My roommate, friend, and sister, Cori, as of yesterday, is going to East Asia for the summer. God has been doing a mighty work in her life for quite some time now. Recently she has come to the realization of God's call and understands she cannot say no to His plan, so that means she is taking the step of faith of giving up everything she has and is going to East Asia for 6 weeks. This decision does not come lightly; many obstacles have tried to stop this but God has overcome them all one by one. The very first obstacle was even getting on the project team. She's on. The next obstacle was the plane ticket, after God's hand at work, her plane ticket is secured. The final obstacle that we are waiting expectantly and patiently for is the financial situation. She has to raise almost $6000 by NEXT Sunday, May 19th, the day she leaves for her briefing. Most people would just run and say this is impossible, but we have already seen God move mountains in this situation, we absolutely trust that God is going to provide for this next challenge. He already knows how this is going to play out and she is just waiting in peace of knowing He will provide.
Sitting on the side lines watching her run towards the cross has been the biggest blessing I have ever experienced. For the first time in a long time the peace that passes all understanding is real to me again. I have seen the joy of the Lord, the satisfaction of God, and the overwhelming peace of God take control of her heart and mind in a way that just seems impossible. I am so excited for Cori and the opportunity of a life time that is being placed before her. God is already teaching me so much through the steps of faith He is calling Cori to take. How cool is that?

Friends, if you are reading this and you feel the urge to give to Cori's trip please email me @ emileyscott@yahoo.com - the deadline for the money is quickly approaching. We are trusting God to do big things, and would appreciate any support you may be able to give.

God is faithful, trust Him for the big things and the small things... I PROMISE you will be amazed at His goodness!

(This picture is of Cori and I)

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